Sound Lightsaber

  • $20.32

Cross as the bright side of the Strength with this sabre double laser and become master(teacher) Jedi! This sabre resumes(takes back) the style of the sabre laser of Darth Maul, pulled(fired) by the saga Star Wars!

This sabre is release  and exchange of sound in every strike(typing).

All the fans of the Saga star Wars will appreciate(estimate) this sabre double laser!

More Product Details:

1.) Easy to connect two swords firmly by a connector (included).will not fall off.
2.) It can be used as two light sabers or connect become the ultimate favortop double saber sword.
3.) Each sword with one button activates sound effects & lights.
4.) More colour in one sword.
5.) Multiple Switch modes to control different effect of led light flash mode and sound effect.
6.) Weilding / shaking the sword will change the light color and make excellent battle sound effect.
7.) Press the button for 3 seconds to stay(keep) color.
8.) Batteries: 3x AAA batteries in each half (NOT included).

Note: we will check quality of every sword before shipment.  All the sword blades(tubes) can be installed or uninstalled from the handle.

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