32 Oz Infusion Water Bottle

  • $27.99

Do you know that over 66% people are chronically dehydrated? Have you realized that you are probably one of those who doesn’t drink enough water daily? Well, our Fruit Infuser Juice Shaker helps motivate you to drink more. And a larger water capacity of 32oz help keeps you hydrated and healthier.

Features of 32 Oz Infusion Water Bottle:

  • Toxin-free, Shatter-resistant, and Impact-resistant Tritan copolyester, safe and durable.
  • Full-length & Removable Infuser Rod ensures that your water is infused to the very last drop, providing the best flavor possible.
  • Leak-proof Design, the robust O-ring, and A metal latching loop say goodbye to those unwanted spontaneous lid openings and the leaks that usually follow.
  • Convenient thumb releasing button and auto align lid help drink more comfortably.
  • Cleaning Brush helps you clean the Infuser Water Bottle more easily.

Benefits of fruit infused water:

  • Digest & rest better and perfectly Weight loss & hunger control.
  • Helps joint lubrication and detoxify the body & reduce your sugar intake.
  • Give you a great source of vitamins & minerals.
  • Help reduce wrinkles & improve overall skin tone & elasticity.
  • Stimulates better brain function - concentration & alertness. 

Literally, by drinking infused water regularly, you can replace soda, and other bad drinks with natural, organically flavored drinks, to feel better & look better too! 

Choose a HEALTHIER YOU & get your Fruit-Infusing Bottle today!

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