Clever Cutter

  • $19.99

Clever Cutter is advertised as a “2-in-1 Knife and Cutting Board” which operates like a pair of scissors. This product was introduced a few years ago and then disappeared. In 2016 it reappeared with a vigorous advertising campaign extolling its virtues as a versatile kitchen tool.


  • Hand strength. I didn’t feel that it required a great deal of hand strength, even for very firm foods such as raw potatoes. Those with arthritis may not find it as easy to use as I did.
  • Blade sharpness. The blade sharpness seems to be adequate, although there are situations where it didn’t cut all the way through. Tomato skins, for example, proved problematic. Hard items such as carrots seemed best suited for Clever Cutter, as did bananas. I found bread to be where Clever Cutter was least effective, as it simply smashed the bread before finally cutting through it.
  • Cleaning. Although you can use it in the dishwasher, I found that it cleans quite easily by a little soap and water.
  • Speed. The commercial shows user flying through food items faster than with a knife, but I didn’t find that I could perform a cutting motion at that speed for very long. It is probably faster than using a knife in many situations, however.

When it works, it works well.

If you have realistic expectations, and understand that it may not work perfectly on all of the food types, you may find a place for Clever Cutter in your kitchen. It’s actually a pretty good item to use when you need to cut something quickly and don’t feel like hauling out a knife and cutting board.

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